Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Back in the "Good Ole Days" summers used to mean vacation time. Even in recent years it has at least meant somewhat of a slow down for the Sharps. This year however seems to be the summer from hell. In fact, that's exactly how I'm going to remember May 2009-August 2009 in the annuls of my memory. I have been busier this summer than last Christmas season, which is saying A LOT considering that is a Worship Pastor's "busiest" season. There is a wedding every weekend, and camps coming out my nose. How in the world does a church as small as ours have some sort of camp every week? (Oh, and no Sunnysiders, we are not in a big church).

Traci has school EVERY morning and work EVERY night, and we have to shuttle Emmi to a bevvy of babysitters every morning and night. To be honest with you I feel incredibly guilty that we haven't had ANY family time in FOREVER. We get to see each other PART of the day on SOME Saturdays and that's about it. I spend more time with my family in choir practice than I do at home. Sad but true.

So my only time to unwind...oh, at about 11pm-1am after everyone else is in bed. It's funny, but I have to stay up late in order to flake out a little and de-stress. My destressor of choice at the moment:
This is an ingenius little game where you basically just run around a little town you create, living out your life. It's sort of a "Sims" type game where you go fishing, gather sea shells, catch bugs, talk to other residents (in the form of little animal people), and just kind of "live life". Emmi loves watching me play this game, especially the fishing part. I know it's silly and it took me almost a year before I picked up a used copy, but I'm glad I did. You can also share "friend codes" with your friends who have a Wii and this game, and you can go to each others' towns and even talk to each other if you have the Wii Speak microphone peripheral that attaches to your TV.

I'm also playing through "Ghostbusters" for the Wii, which is cool because it is the next story in the GB sequence of events, in essence making it the 3rd part of the Ghostbusters Trilogy. Well, enough blogging. Time to get back to the grind. See you 'round the 'net.

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