Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First House Showing...and Chainsaws

Yep. I am now the proud owner of a Poulan PRO 18 inch, gas powered tree-eatin' machine, and boy howdy did it get some use this past weekend! Tommy, my bestest bud here in the TRI sacrificed a LOT of time helping me purge my back yard of a lot of overgrowth. In fact, our back "yard" looked more like Endor than Gray until we whipped out the chainsaws. (That's a "Return of the Jedi" reference for you non-Star Wars types).

Who knew that 4 limbs would yield a whopping 7 truckloads of brush? Needless to say, it REALLY opened up the back yard, and it must have worked because here we are two days later with our first showing of the house.

Everyone be praying because we REALLY need this thing to sell so we can move forward with the purchase of our new home in Kingsport. We are a Kingsport family now, but don't live in Kingsport, so it's like we're in a foreign land. Now don't get me wrong, I really REALLY like Gray A LOT, but our lives are really centered around the KPT now, not Gray.

Here's the old house in Gray:

And here's the new house in Kingsport:

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