Thursday, April 30, 2009

Renovations to The Blog

WHOA!  Where did it all go?

Well, last night at about 1am I decided to wipe out the blog.  There were only like 4 people in the universe reading it and I didn't like the direction it was going, so I am starting over.  Stay tuned for a new, better blog coming soon!


  1. and I just came here from Jimmy's following your post!!! See how you are! Will look forward to the new, better blog coming soon!!! Karen If i get this across it will be under anoynmous and I h@te that!!!

  2. Evidently your definition of "soon" differs from mine. So where is this new and improved blog thang you're doing? We four readers matter!! :-)

  3. Working on it.

    I have some legal issues with my home in another town that I lease. Very scary, very stressful, very busy, panic attack type stuff.

    I'll blog more when I get my life to stop spinning for a second. In the meantime, PLEASE pray for us because frankly, this is frightening for us.