Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Oh My, How I Hate Dieting

Man do I hate dieting, but I just have no choice. If I don't watch every calorie, every carb, every everything, I end up gaining weight. With me there is no such thing as weight maintenance; I'm either gaining or losing. It is tough, irritating, and a daily battle.

See the thing is that an alcoholic can quit cold turkey and avoid alcohol 100%. A food addict can't do that. Imagine HAVING to ingest the very thing you are addicted to multiple times a day. It's tough. Just look around and you'll see how tough it is.

Well anyway, tomorrow I begin another round of Low Carb to see if I can get this under control before I have to order the t-shirt you see above. Pray for me that God will give me strength and persistence with my diet.


  1. I'll pray for you, Brian. Are you still exercising, too? What ever happened with your house situation?

  2. I am not currently exercising, though I did buy an elliptical off Craigslist. The problems is having to leave early in the morning and getting home late, and in the in-betweens babysitting Emmi who wants to run in front of and behind the ellipticals moving parts while I'm on it.

    Double Wide in Elizabethton is still for sale...no one's looked at it.

    House in Gray is still for sale...no offers on it.

    Where are you guys? Come back!