Monday, June 7, 2010

Current Low Carb Weight Loss Update

Eating a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet in addition to exercising 4 days a week is integral to my wellness recovery plan. I have labeled it that instead of "weight loss plan" or "diet" because this is a permanent lifestyle change for me that will result in far more than simply changing the number that represents the earth's gravitational pull on my mass. Today begins week 8 of my new life and I thought I would share with you my current results just to encourage anyone who may be considering or participating in a similar journey.

Weigh-In Date/Weight/Total Pounds Lost:
5-24-2010/210/16 (I increased my weights this week, thus the mild "gain" from muscle growth)

In addition to the pounds lost, I have increased muscle mass as well. My distance has improved on all my cardio workouts, and I have to REALLY work to keep my heart rate in the 150's. I ran out of blood pressure medicine about 4 weeks ago, and WITHOUT THE MEDICINE, my blood pressure has been stable at 120/80 (my wife is a nursing student, so she checks it daily). I went from wearing a size 38 expandable elastic waist pants to now wearing size 36 waist jeans, and will soon be in 34's! On the leg press machine I started out lifting 140 pounds and now I'm up to 240 pounds, and most likely will be raising that this week as well!

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