Monday, June 28, 2010


I hit an official milestone in my weight loss today! I weighed in today at 196 lbs, which is 30 pounds lost!

I have been dieting for exactly 10 weeks, so my weekly average weight loss during this first phase has been exactly 3 pounds per week. Some have been more, some less, but it's no big deal. My goal is to be on target for 2 pounds per week.

I set my new mid-term goal for Labor Day (Sept 6th) at 174pounds, which is keeping with my 2 pounds per week loss, and my long term goal of being at my goal weight of 160 is still December 6th.

Some interesting numbers:

If I slow to an expected 2 pound per week weight loss, I will reach my final goal of 160 lbs on October 25th.

If by some miracle of God I continue the 3 pound per week average (I really don't expect that to happen), I will reach my final goal of 160 lbs on September 20th.

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